Tube Filling Machinery Support

Tube Filling and Packaging Services

 MazzPac LLC is now offering contract packaging services. We're here to fulfill the business needs for everyone! Whether you're an individual testing new ways to promote your products, a business converting your product line from jars or bottles to tubes, or a big company that has a large run to meet a deadline, we're here to help.
Our tube filling capabilities allow us to fill tubes from 12 MM - 55 MM diameter of just about any type and viscosity product. Our machines can produce up to 32,000 tubes per shift. We offer designer seals as well as straight seals with a selection of seal patterns.  

MazzPac LLC now offers customized tubes - Your Message - Your Design.         

Small to large runs that can be used for:
•    Party favors
•    Business promotions
•    Trade Show giveaways
•    Wedding/Baby Announcements

We offer a selection of quality products.  Please call to discuss your options